When storms cause damage to the power grid and the fault is found, for example, in an electric pole that is out of reach of the cranes, climbing irons are the only way to get to the pole.

 Column shoes / Pole climbing irons

  Башмаки для лазания по столбам

 أحذية تسلق الأعمدة

Grimpettes pour poteaux en bois


Who uses our Pole Climbing Shoes?

Electricity companies

When storms cause damage to the power grid and the fault is found, for example, in an electric pole that is out of reach of the cranes, pole shoes are the only way to get to the pole.

Electrical professionals rely on the sickle shoe poles we make, which are made of heat-treated boron steel. Heat-treated - hardened-boron steel withstands wear very well, so even hard use does not easily cause problems with the straps of the shoes.

Of course, storm damage is also suffered elsewhere than in Finland. Our pole climbing shoes are also being used in Europe and world-wide.

Forestry entrepreneurs

Today, the wood industry relies heavily on the efficiencies brought by technological aids. Sometimes, however, you are forced to work in places that are not accessible to the forest machine or where there is a high risk that a falling tree will damage its environment. Such places are, for example, densely populated areas. In such situations, those whose profession is the felling of trees have to climb a tree and cut it piece by piece. These professionals will then resort to our light-weight and functional column shoes.

In addition to the forest and electricity sector, our pole climbing shoes have been used to build basic infrastructure. Our column shoes have been exported to many African countries like (Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya) and Sri Lanka.

Башмаки для лазания по столбам серповиднoгo-типа

Башмаки в стиле серпов прочные и надежные. Материал башмаков колонн подвергается термообработке, т.е. закаленная борсодержащая сталь. Каждая пара обуви изготавливается вручную, проверяется и маркируется уникальным идентификационным номером.

Haшa Oбувь продаются в разных размерах:

14 ″ (175-350 мм)

12 ″ (150-300 мм)

10 ″ (125-250 мм)

9 ″ (125-230 мм)

Покупатель всегда получает акт осмотра и инструкцию по использованию обуви; xорошо иметь всегда с обувью.


              حذاء تسلق العمود

               على شكل المنجل

أحذية تسلق العمود المنجلية متينة وموثوقة للارتداء. مادة أحذية العمود هي فولاذ بورون مقوى ومعالج بالحرارة

كل زوج من الأحذية مصنوع يدويًاويتم فحصه  و  تمييزه  برقم  تعريف  فريد

:   تُباع  أحذية  العمود  بأحجام     مختلفة

                             14 ″ (175-350 ملم)

                              12 ″ (150-300 مم)

                             10 ″ (125-250 ملم)

                               9 ″ (125-230 ملم)

يتلقى الزبون دائمًا شهادة فحص وإرشادات للاستخدام مع الحذاء ؛ إنها فكرة جيدة أن  يحملها        دائمًا       مع     الأحذية


Chaussure grimpettes style faucille

Les grimpettes de style faucille, pour ascension des poteaux en bois, sont durables et fiables à porter. Le matériau des patins est de l’acier spécial forgé, traité thermiquement, c'est-à-dire acier trempé au bore.

Chaque paire de chaussures est fabriquée à la main,inspectée et marquée d'un numéro d'identification unique.

Nos étriers à griffes pour poteaux sont vendus en différentes tailles:

14 pouces (175-350 mm)

12 pouces (150-300 mm)

10 pouces (125-250 mm)

9 pouces (125-230 mm)

Le client reçoit toujours un certificat d'inspection et des instructions d'utilisation qui vont avec; c'est bien de toujours les avoir avec les chaussures.


Column shoe Sickle-style

Sickle-style column shoes are durable and reliable to wear. The material of the column shoes is heat-treated, i.e. hardened boron steel. Each pair of shoes is handmade, inspected and marked with a unique identification number.

· Our Column shoes are sold in different sizes:

· 14 ″ (175-350mm)

· 12 ″ (150-300mm)

· 10 ″ (125-250mm)

· 9 ″ (125-230mm)

The customer always receives an inspection certificate and instructions for use with the shoes; it is a good idea to always carry with the shoes.


About our forge

The Mäkelä forge "Mäkelän Takomo" is a family business, from Finland, that has been operating since 1956.

The ownership, operation and know-how of the company have been passed on to the next generations in the family. Today, the company is owned by three brothers, Esa, Olli and Ari. In addition to the owners, there is employed skilled personnel.

Mäkelän Takomo has premises in two locations at Savitaipale-Finland. 

At Puusepäntie, we assemble machines for our customers, and at Teollisuustie, we perform forging operations, manufacture of parts and other machining. We have a total of almost 2000 m2 of business space at our disposal.

                                                               “Quality as a driving force” 

We are constantly striving for sustainable products and partnerships. All machines and parts going to our customers always go through an inspection process before delivery. Our equipment is modern and we constantly make sure that the skills of all our employees meet today's needs. we have automated some of the work by acquiring two welding robots.


We are within quick and easy reach.

We are a 30-minute drive from Lappeenranta and less than an hour drive from Mikkeli. Our premises are located right next to Mikkelintie. Welcome! 

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